Amazing Room Coolers that Will Help You Beat the Heatwave

Summer heat can become overwhelming when the temperatures inside your house exceed the comfort limits, so you will have to rely on some efficient air coolers that will help you fight the heat. While some models can be rated as average when it comes to efficiency, others can be truly amazing in helping you beat the heat wave. We have selected below some of the most efficient room coolers with the best results in lowering the indoor temperatures.

Dyson AM Tower Fans

Tower fans are very efficient, and they come in a wide range of models, for different room sizes. Nevertheless, the Dyson tower fans are the ultimate option in terms of design, performance, and innovation. Although they are considered as tower fans, the operating mode has nothing to do with spinning blades. What these amazing coolers use to cool the indoor air is an Air Multiplier technology that amplifies the surrounding air in order to deliver a continuous flow of cool air. Not having blades that spin makes these tower fans a true innovation and safe to use around children. The stylish design with metallic finishes and futuristic shapes make it resemble more a decorative item than an air cooling device. While providing you with cool air, the Dyson tower fans remain very quiet and low-consuming, thus being an excellent option for beating the heatwave. Given the wide range of models you can choose from, it would be hard to select only one best model, so we decided the entire range of Dyson fans consists of amazing room coolers.

Lasko Cyclone Pedestal Fan

Although they are considered simple fans that circulate cool air around the room, you will be surprised to discover how many features can a pedestal fan offer you. First of all, you will love the adjustable height that can vary from 37” to 53” so you can decide how high you want the cool air to travel. Second, this pedestal fan has a tilting head that can be positioned in different angles so you can adjust the air flow even more. What is really amazing is the oscillating feature that increases the air spreading area of this efficient pedestal fan. Moreover, the 18” fan blades spin so silently, that you will not even notice the fan is on. All the tree speeds of this unit are equally silent and offer you freedom in choosing the intensity of the air breeze. You can also set the unit to work for a certain time interval due to the programmable timer and the convenient remote allows you to control it from a distance. The name Cyclone is given by the swirling cyclone grill that increases its performance.

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