Best Smartphone Compatible Garage Door Openers

We are becoming addicted to our smartphones, because technology has evolved to a point where we are able to do practically anything we want only by a simple command over the phone.
This evolution that we are witnessing is helping us protect ourselves in new and efficient ways, which is a great plus for us all.

One of the best security additions for any garage owner out there is definitely the garage door opener. If you take a look at some garage door opener reviews, you will see that almost all of the latest modelsĀ  can be controlled from the smartphone in order to track the state of the door, to open and close it from wherever you are and so on. The fact that they sends notifications over the smartphone whenever anything happens in the area of the garage, is something that helps us be more in control than even before, and it provides us with an added sense of safety as well.

If you are interested in buying a garage door opener that is compatible with your smartphone because you want to control it even when you are away, and because you want to have peace of mind when you aren’t home, read the following lines to find out which are the best models to look for.

Chamberlain WD962KEV

The Chamberlain WD962KEV comes at the price of $275, and it’s a wonderful garage door opener that can be controlled over the smartphone.
The feature that allows you to control it over the smartphone is called MyQ, it’s sold separately for about $130, and it’s worth all the money you spend on it.
If you add this useful feature to the WD962KEV, you will be able to control the garage door opener even when you are away from home, you can monitor its activity with the MyQ Garage Door Monitor, and it sends notifications automatically to your smartphone if there is any activity unfolding in the garage when you aren’t around. In addition, MyQ offers the remote lamp control as well, which means that the lights will be activated automatically whenever it senses movement, and you can set it on and off whenever you want.

LiftMaster 8500

The LiftMaster 8500 costs $400, and it’s produced by Chamberlain as well as the first model that we talked about.
Just like the Chamberlain WD962KEV, the LiftMaster 8500 can have the MyQ feature added for the reasonable price of $130, and you can have total control and monitoring of your garage even when you are away with its help.
Beside the fact that it can be monitored and control with the help of your smartphone, this garage door opener has another useful security feature, the Security+ 2.0. With it you can click the remote of the opener using a certain pattern that only you know, and it makes that pattern the only possible way to control the opener by remote. In addition, it has a lot of other useful and interesting features that make this model a definite choice for anyone who is looking for a top quality product.

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