How to Choose Appliances for Designer Kitchens

Kitchen appliances are the true workhorses that make your life easier. Together, they take a significant part from your designer kitchen budget. While their performance and features are the most important considerations, how they will look probably matter to you, too, and that is why you must learn how to choose appliances for designer kitchens.

Choosing kitchen appliances should be a rewarding experience if they match both your lifestyle and the aesthetics of your kitchen. Appliances, alone, do not make a kitchen, but they are the most important aspect of the space. The days when a kitchen’s primary function is for preparing meals are gone, as more and more people use it for pleasurable activities. Ideally, you should first choose your kitchen layout and then the appliances that fit. If you don’t know how to choose appliances for designer kitchens, start by measuring the clear opening width and height of your space for the appliances.

What to look for

A classic oven-cooktop combination is perfect for most kitchens in botch function and style. Your budget and kitchen’s design will help you decide between a stainless steel commercial-style range, a standard slide-in freestanding range, a vintage cast iron range and others. Although white appliances are still the most popular, followed by black, stainless steel is the newest trend. However, if your designer kitchen is set in a luxurious Italian villa you may want to hide the appliances out of site. There are many savvy cabinet manufacturers who build custom-designed cabinet fronts that adhere easily. For a low-tech look, you can also choose small-appliance depots in countertop-height cabinets or a specially designed under-counter oven.


When choosing appliances for designer kitchens, you must consider your needs. If you opted for a standard range arrangement, you will need a separate cooktop and oven. This arrangement is just right for wannabe chefs, as it offers many possibilities: wall ovens, steam ovens, double ovens and warming drawers. If you want to keep the baking and cooking space separate, you will find many gas or electric cooktops.


As with the oven, your family’s lifestyle will mainly decide what is the best dishwasher for your kitchen. Elaborate dishwashers have energy efficiency qualities, noise reduction qualities and hidden controls. If you live on your own, you can choose a smaller machine that can save water when you don’t have large loads to clean.

If you have open space, then you should look for the quietest dishwasher available in your price range. However, if you intend on investing in a quality device, you may also want to check out the quality of your water; too many deposits could encourage the deterioration of devices which use water, like the dishwasher. The same water will also affect your health and your cooking, but if you use the best water filter system, all these problems can be avoided.


The refrigerator is one of the most important kitchen appliances and if you are planning a new one, you should first check out the best refrigerator reviews.  The fridge is one of the few appliances that run continuously and it is responsible for preventing food from spoiling. For larger families, you will probably need a 2-door large refrigerator. If you study the best refrigerator reviews, you will see that a good refrigerator is not defined just by size and energy consumption. Features such as on-door controls, dual refrigeration and energy efficiency are also important. Consider if you need separate wine refrigeration storage or refrigerated drawers.

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