How to Choose the Right Small Kitchen Appliances

When designing your kitchen, the appliances you choose will become the finishing touch that will turn it into a comfortable and functional place. While the large appliances like the refrigerator or dishwasher are a must, you must not forget about the small appliances that make everyday living easier. WE have gathered some of the most important small kitchen appliances and some advice that will guide you in choosing the right ones.

The coffee maker

You can’t design a kitchen without including a coffee maker that will help you wake up in the morning or serve your guests a tasty cup of freshly brewed coffee. Coffee makers nowadays are compact, stylish, and efficient at the same time. While the design of a coffee maker depends on the style of your kitchen, its features depend on your needs and tastes. You can opt for drip coffee makers that can make up to 12 cups of coffee or you can choose a pod unit that makes one coffee at a time using individual coffee pods. A programmable timer comes in handy when you want to wake up to a cup of fresh coffee. If you don’t know which type of coffee maker would make you happier, read some interesting coffee maker reviews that will make your choice easier.

The microwave

Aside from the oven and cook-top that are found in any kitchen, you can opt for a microwave that can offer you the same efficiency as a regular oven. The advanced technologies used by modern microwaves include convection or steam cooking so you will obtain delicious foods. You can choose from a variety of microwave ovens in different shapes and sizes, depending on your kitchen’s design and the counter space you have available. Since it’s smaller than a regular oven, you can opt to accommodate the microwave on a wall shelf. Better yet, opt for an over the range microwave oven that is installed above the stove and works as a venting hood as well.

The bread maker

This unit is starting to become more and more popular among people interested in a healthy diet. The bread maker can offer you delicious bread specialties and can become an essential appliance in your kitchen, which is why manufacturers offer so many models to choose from. In terms of design, you must determine if you want a bulky bread maker that you can set aside and only take out when you need it or you prefer a smaller model that will sit on your counter. You can also choose the finishing color so it will match the rest of the appliances. If you want to prepare different types of bread, invest in a bread maker that can make both horizontal and vertical loafs, and which can work with different types of flour.

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