How to Keep Your Carpets Clean

A clean carpet is not only a nicer one but it’s also a more durable piece of decoration and it can also help you maintain the health of your family members. Considering the high traffic it has to bare, no wonder the carpet requires special attention when it comes to cleaning. Here are some effective tips for keeping your carpets clean so they will enhance the aspect of your home.

    • Regular vacuuming can be tiresome and perhaps sometimes you are not in the mood for it. To make sure you never skip it and that your carpet is always clean, use a robot vacuum that does the job on its own. This device can absorb any dust particle and debris from your carpets and will leave them free of impurities. It has its own navigation system and can find the best routes for cleaning your floors. The robot vacuum can be used anytime you want your carpets to look brand new and when you don’t want to wash or shake the dust out of them.
    • If you notice a spot on the carpet, avoid rubbing it because it will cause the dirt particles to spread on a larger area. The key is to gently blot the stain with a soft cloth dipped in a cleaning solution so that the stain will easily come out instead of becoming wider. Blot from the outside of the stain to the inside so it will become smaller and smaller.
    • Dishwasher detergent can be very effective in cleaning a wide range of spots on the carpet. If you spilled food on it, spray some dishwasher detergent on the stain, leave it to work for a few minutes, then vacuum the area in order to get the grease out.
    • Wax often gets on the floors after you have a cake party or if you like to burn scented candles and it can be very difficult to get it off the carpet without damaging it. A great tip is to use the clothes iron and a towel in order to heat the wax. Put the towel over the wax stain, pass the ion over it so it will warm and then repeat the process with a paper towel that will make sure no wax is left on the carpet.
    • Baking soda can always save you when you are dealing with a stain or wen you want to restore the vibrant colors and softness to your carpets. Mix baking soda with water and a dash of shampoo and wash the entire carpet using a soft brush or a sponge. The baking soda will penetrate the fabrics in depth and then you can vacuum the carpets in order to get the dirt out.

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