How to Make a Home Safe for Seniors

Many seniors prefer staying in their own homes instead of going to a retirement community. Even though staying at home is both economical and comfortable, for a senior, living at home can be also quite difficult.That’s why you should take control of the situation and learn how to turn a home into a safer place for seniors. If your parents are living alone, such a home improvement project is essential, and if you do it for a special day, it can be one of the most unique fathers day gifts or mothers day gifts.

Make daily activities easier

If you have to take of an elderly person, keep in mind that you don’t have to do major changes. With some simple changes you can make a big difference in making your home a safer place for them.

  • Reaching device
    Most seniors need a mobility aid to help them grabbing things they need, such as a reaching device. To make things easier for them, consider storing objects on lower shelves, at their reach.
  • Cell phones designed for seniors
    If the elderly person has some difficulties seeing, consider buying a phone from a medical supply store specially designed for those with eyesight problems.
  • Comfortable safe shoes
    Another measure you can take is to purchase for them a comfortable pair of shoes, preferably with nonskid soles and a low heel, to offer good support and prevent slipping/falling on hard floors.

Safety first

The most important thing to do, when caring for an elderly person is to make sure that your home is safe place for them to live and that there’s no risk of accidents. While looking for the best ways to achieve this purpose, we came across an amazing website, that offersd advice for varios situations. From learning how to pick the perfect appliances to making sure your elderly parents are safe at home, is the ultimate lifestyle advice website. Here are just a few tips that we learnt from there:

  • Prevent slip and fall accidents
    Elderly people are extremely vulnerable to injuries from various accidents happening at home. Some accidents can very dangerous and can even cause death in some cases. Most dangerous accidents are caused by slipping and falling down the stairs. This can lead to a serious mobility impairment. Make sure you don’t have any smooth or wet surfaces.
  • Stair lifts
    A stair lift will prevent these types of accidents from happening. If your elderly family members have difficulty climbing or descending the stairs you can choose a good chair lift. Depending on the configuration of your stairs, you can opt for a straight stair lift or a curved stair lift, if there are curves and corners on your staircase. However, before purchasing one, make sure to read different reviews online and discuss with an expert, so that you will find the best solution.
  • Fire prevention
    There are other measures to take in order to make your home a safer place for seniors. Make sure that there are smoke alarms on every floor of the house and that there are fire escape routes that can be reached easily.
  • Remove and repair any hazard
    If you care for a senior who has problems with balance or has a poor eyesight, it is extremely important to remove any hazards that are found around the home such as raised doorway thresholds or unnecessary clutter. Repair any broken furniture or objects that can cause accidents.

When you are looking for unique fathers day gifts or mother’s day gifts, remember that what every parent truly wants is to be with you without being a burden. Help your parents be as independent as possible and prevent them from home accidents and they will be forever grateful.

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