Top 4 Best Electric Clothes Dryers

When it comes to clothes dryers, you can either buy a gas dryer, or an electric dryer. The electric dryer is the best option for those who want an easy installation, and who want to be able to move the unit later.
If you are interested in buying an electric clothes dryer, and you want to make sure that the model you are buying is one of the best available, read some dryer reviews. If you find that it is to complicated to compare all the models available on the marker, we have made a list of the best choices. Read the following lines and choose one of these 4 best electric clothes dryers.

4. Maytag Centennial MEDC400BW

If you are looking for a great deal, the Maytag Centennial MEDC400BW is the best choice, costing only $550.
While it performs perfectly, the low price of this unit is explainable due to the fact that it doesn’t offer the drying options that the more expensive models have. The only feature beside the basic ones that it has is the moisture sensor that makes the machine stop automatically when the clothes have dried.
The downside to this extremely cheap clothes dryer is that it can be a bit too noisy, and that it doesn’t offer drying options.

3. Samsung DV42H5200EP

This electric clothes dryer from Samsung comes at the reasonable price of $1000, and it has a 7.5 cubic feet capacity that makes it perfect for larger families.
For those who care about their health and want to be sure that the clothes they are wearing and the sheets they are sleeping on are clean, this machine has an efficient sanitize cycle that eliminates 99,9% of all the bacteria found in the laundry.
It has a steam cycle that leaves your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free, and due to its moisture sensors it adjusts the drying time to make sure that the laundry put in it doesn’t over or under dry.
The DV42H5200EP has 11 cycles to choose from, 5 temperature settings that provide proper heat for any type of fabric, a stylish exterior with a LED display, and an internal drum light that makes it easier for you to load and unload the laundry.

2. Samsung DV56H9100EG

The Samsung DV56H9100EG costs $1700, and while the price might seem a little high, it’s explainable once you understand what this clothes dryer is capable of.
It has a generous 9.5 cubic feet capacity that makes it the ideal choice for any large family, it has a very useful Eco-friendly and energy efficient drying program called Eco Dry, a useful Steam Dry program that steams away the wrinkles on the laundry, making it easier for you to iron them, and a vent sensor that detects duct blockages, reminding you to clean the vent whenever it is needed.
This clothes dryer offers 15 preset dry cycles, 11 options, 5 dry levels, and 5 temperature settings for you to choose from as well.

1. LG DLEX8000W

The LG DLEX8000W comes at the price of $1200, and it’s undeniably the best electric clothes dryer available.
It has a capacity of 9.0 cubic feet that makes it the best choice for large families, 5 temperature settings, 11 drying options, and 14 drying programs that you can choose from. In addition, it has a steam cycle that sanitizes the laundry, and a useful SpotClean cycle that gets rid of fresh stains.
Another feature that makes this clothes dryer the best out there is the SmartDiagnosis. This feature gives the staff from LG the possibility to troubleshoot the machine through a phone app whenever trouble arises.

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