What are the Costs of Building and Maintaining a Pool

Home swimming pools are a lot of fun for your family and your friends, but until reaching the fun part, you will have to get through the expensive part of building and maintaining it. In case you’re planning to install a pool at home, here is an evaluation of the costs implied by building and keeping a home in a good state.

Building costs

Depending on the type of pool you choose and the materials you will use, pools imply different costs. No matter what you do, never cut on quality, safety, and durability, otherwise you will soon regret it when you will notice damage on the pool.

    • Above ground pools
      These pools are usually sold as kits by professional pool companies and besides the initial installation price, they will require site preparation that includes leveling the area or providing access to electricity so that the water pump will be functional. The initial price can go as far as $1000, but the costs will raise with pumps, ladders, filters, and other accessories.
    • In-ground pools
      These are the most expensive pools and if you decide you want one, you will have to be generous with the budget. Besides having to prepare the site, in-ground pools also imply expensive materials in huge amounts that can range from $18,000 for vinyl and $20,000 for fiberglass to up to $50,000 for gunite and concrete. Besides the installation costs that are as high as they can be, most in-ground pools require safety measures like surrounding patios and fencing, otherwise you can have troubles with the law.

Maintenance costs

Once you have your swimming pool installed, you will have to keep it clean and safe for everyone to use, which implies further costs. You can opt for filtering pumps that remove the debris constantly, but they will overburden the electricity bill. The robotic pool cleaner is a cheaper option that can deliver satisfying results in cleaning your pool and you have a variety of models to choose from, depending on the type and the size of your pool. There are robotic pool cleaners for both in-ground and above ground pools that include features that increase their performance in removing small to large debris. Their prices range according to their performance, starting from $200 for a poor model and going as high as $1,000 for an excellent model.If you are looking for an affordable option, we recommend the Dolphin Nautilus robotic pool cleaner. It costs about half as much as the most expensive pool cleaners, yet in terms of efficiency, it gets the job done properly.

We like the Dolphin Nautilus robotic pool cleaner because it is also easy to use. After all, the purpose of a robot pool cleaner is to require as little maintenance as possible. Keep in mind that cleaning the pool will also imply chlorine and pH testing strips, along with other materials that cost you from $80 to $100 every month.

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